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Locally Sourced Community Solar

We see our clients as neighbors not numbers

We support communities with partnership programs that power local initiatives.




Guaranteed monthly savings with no additional bill, fees, or upfront costs

Locally produced solar energy to benefit all

Renewable Energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels

What is 
Community Solar

Community solar is the newest way to tap into solar energy without the need for a single panel on your roof. It's often referred to as a solar farm, consisting of a large group of solar panels in an optimally sited location. Learn more...

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Who We Are

Omni Renewables is an industry-leading community solar manager, specializing in customer acquisition and subscriber management of community solar projects. Through Omni Renewables, households and businesses can subscribe to local community solar farms and start saving on their monthly utility bill with no upfront cost while supporting clean energy development in their community. Enrollment in our community solar farms is simple and easy. Learn more...

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