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Who We Are

Omni Renewables is an industry-leading community solar manager, specializing in customer acquisition and subscriber management of community solar projects. Through Omni Renewables, households and businesses can subscribe to local community solar farms and start saving on their monthly utility bill with no upfront cost while supporting clean energy development in their community. Enrollment in our community solar farms is simple and easy. 



Michael Francis


Michael oversees all business operations and strategic planning for Omni Renewables. Before joining Omni, Michael was General Manager for BlueRock Solar, where he oversaw the launch of BlueRock Energy’s community solar division in 2016.  While at BlueRock Solar, he oversaw the development, financing, customer acquisition, and billing management for New York State community solar projects in NYSEG and National Grid utilities.  BlueRock Solar was a pioneering developer and customer acquisition/management firm of community solar with some of New York State’s first interconnected and completed projects starting in early 2017.  He has over 20 years of financial leadership and accounting experience, including in the real estate development industry as a Chief Financial Officer and Director of Acquisitions. Michael is also a Certified Public Accountant.

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Sam Doubleday

Community Solar Sales Representative

Sam is responsible for Community Solar subscription acquisition of both residential and commercial clients. Before joining Omni, Sam was responsible for customer acquisition sales and marketing at BlueRock Solar with the launch of the start-up entity in 2016.  While at BlueRock Solar, he drove the customer acquisition process for both NYSEG and National Grid located solar community projects for a wide variety of customer types.  In addition, Sam ran mass-market presentation seminars at community, employer, and church events. Sam has over 30 years of B2B sales experience and holds a Renewable Energy degree from SUNY Morrisville and an Environmental Science degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from LeMoyne College.

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Richard Scheutzow

Community Solar Sales Representative

Dick is responsible for the Community Solar subscription acquisition of both residential and commercial clients. He has sold on-site residential and small commercial solar arrays since 2016 and has prior experience in B2B merchant processing sales, government finance, and municipal banking. Dick feels called to participate directly in converting our grid to sustainable renewable energy sources in response to climate change.

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