What is Community Solar?

Community solar is the sharing of the electricity generated by a local solar farm with multiple residential and commercial subscribers in the community. The solar farm consists of arrays of solar panels that harvest energy from the sun. Individual subscribers receive credit on their electricity bills for their share of the power produced.


What is the cost to subscribe?

There is no cost. Only savings.


What am I saving?

You can save up to 10% on your electricity cost, both supply and delivery including demand charges.


Please note: This is for electricity savings only. If your utility bill includes natural gas supply and delivery, these are not included in your savings.

Who is eligible to save?

All New York State utility customers, both residential and commercial, are eligible to subscribe to Community Solar Farms located in their respective utility’s service area.


How can I subscribe?

Residential customers may subscribe online HERE. Commercial customers may email or call us today at 315-400-3282 to obtain your savings proposal. Please have your most recent utility bill available.


When do I start saving?

Many solar farms are in development and are being built across New York State. As these solar farms go on-line with their respective utilities, subscribers will be assigned to them on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sooner you subscribe, the sooner your savings will begin.


What is expected of me?

Residential subscribers agree to a one-year contract to receive allocated credits. The contract automatically renews annually. You may terminate your contract without penalty with a 30-day opt out notice. Contract period begins when your assigned solar farm begins electricity production.


How long will I save for?

As long as you are subscribed to the solar farm.


Can I keep my 3rd party electricity supplier?

Yes, receiving allocated solar farm credits does not affect your electricity supply. If you have chosen an Energy Supply Company (ESCO) other than your utility, and your supply is included on your utility bill, then your solar farm credit allocation will include savings on both your electricity supply and delivery.


What if my electricity supplier bills me separately from my utility?

Your solar farm credit allocation includes supply and delivery costs listed on your utility bill. If your Energy Supply Company (ESCO) bills you separately from your utility, your supply cost will not receive credit. You may ask your ESCO if they offer a consolidated billing function to increase your savings to include supply costs.


What if I have an on-site solar system at my home or business?

If you currently have a solar array generating electricity connected to your utility meter, then you are not eligible to enroll that associated utility account in this program.


What if my electricity usage increases or decreases?

Your solar farm credit allocation will be adjusted annually based on your most recent usage, and subject to current availability on the solar farm. Your savings will remain at 10% of your monthly credit.

Please note: Per NYS regulation a customer must use at least 1,000 kWh's annually to participate in community solar. 


I’m skeptical. Why am I getting something for nothing?

New York State is assuring that all New York businesses and residents may both participate in and benefit from transforming our electricity grid infrastructure. By subscribing, you are helping New York State replace fossil-fuel sourced electricity with renewable solar electricity in order to achieve our mandated goal of 70% renewable energy by 2030. Thank you for doing your part by subscribing today, and please encourage other New Yorkers to do so.  


At this time, in order to begin this transformation, we will thank you for subscribing by providing residential customers a $50 Visa e-card. Subscribe today and we will email you a link to your e-card in thirty days. We will also email you a reminder before it arrives in your inbox.


I have more questions. What should I do?

Let’s talk. Input your questions here, provide your contact information, and we will connect you with another New Yorker to answer your questions. We are all in this together.

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